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Slang is the use of informal words and phrases that aren’t part of the formal language. This includes many swears and insults.

Most Spanish courses don’t teach slang and many dictionaries don’t define slang words and expressions. Nonetheless, slang is commonly used in conversation and is a colorful and fun part of language learning.

On this page I’ve summarized a few common slang expressions I’ve encountered in Mexico and Argentina. This is not an exhaustive list of every Spanish slang term, but rather a selection of a few of my favorites.

Spanish slang is highly regional. It is not universal. Expressions used in Mexico, for example, may not be used or even understood in Spain, Argentina or other Latin countries.

Slang in any language is also age-dependent. Older people generally use different slang than teenagers.

Popular Slang Expressions

bárbaro (Argentina) – awesome, fantastic

¡Que bárbaro!
That’s awesome!

boludo (Argentina) – jerk, idiot. taxi drivers yell this often. also used to address friends and buddies

cabrón (Mexico) – jerk, bastard

che (Argentina) – hey, yo. dude, man. often used to get someone’s attention

cornudo (Argentina) – a man whose wife is cheating on him. another favorite insult of taxi drivers

culo – butt, ass

Ella tiene un magnífico culo.
She has a great ass.

lana (Mexico) – money. literally means wool

mina (Argentina) – girl, woman, babe

pajero – person who masturbates

pendejo (Mexico) – jerk, idiot

Ese pendejo no sirve para nada.
That jerk is totally useless.

plata – money

puta – slut, whore

tipo (Mexico) – guy

Ese tipo es el novio de mi hermana.
That guy is my sister’s boyfriend.

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