Spanish: More Than Meets The Eye

Cultures are like gift boxes, which can contain anything inside. They will always surprise us, we only need to be willing to open the box. When I talk about cultures, Spanish just happens to be one of my favourite ones. Every Spanish speaking country is so beautiful, and they are so different from one another, that it makes me want to know more, always. For instance,Mexicans are among the nicest people I have met. Their culture is...

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Study Spanish Abroad

Tips on Studying Spanish Abroad Are you thinking you might want to study Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country? I’ve studied Spanish in Mexico, Panama and Argentina and based on my experiences I’ve listed a few tips on what to look for, what to consider and how to go about selecting a destination and a Spanish language school. Popular destinations are best Although it may seem exotic to choose an off-the-beaten-path...

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Spanish Immersion in Argentina

My Spanish Immersion in Buenos Aires, Argentina See also Tips on Studying Abroad From January to April, 2007 I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina and studied Spanish. On this page I’d like to tell you about my Spanish immersion in Argentina. I hope this information will be useful to students planning on studying in Buenos Aires. Why I chose Buenos Aires Prior to my Argentina trip I had studied Spanish in Mexico and Panama. To help...

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Spanish Immersion in Mexico

My Spanish Immersion at IMAC in Guadalajara, Mexico See also Tips on Studying Abroad In October 2005 I travelled to Guadalajara, Mexico to study Spanish for 2 weeks at a school called IMAC. On this page I’d like to tell you about my Spanish immersion experience in Mexico and let you know what I thought of IMAC, my Spanish school in Mexico. If you are considering taking a Spanish course in Mexico I hope this information will help...

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Spanish Immersion in Panama

My Spanish Immersion Experience in Panama City, Panama See also Tips on Studying Abroad I spent the month of October 2006 in Panama City, Panama studying Spanish at a school called ISC Panama. I didn’t have a good experience studying Spanish in Panama City and I don’t recommend Panama City as a destination for people who want to study Spanish abroad. Let me explain… Why I chose Panama and ISC Panama Panama City is...

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