Spanish Insults

Spanish Insults

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What could be more fun than insulting someone in Spanish?

This list includes a variety of commonly used insults. Most are from Mexico. Some, like desgraciado, are not very strong and can even be heard in family-oriented television shows. Others, like cabrón, are much stronger and more vulgar but nonetheless commonly used.

bastardo – bastard

bésame el culo – kiss my ass

cabrón – a–hole, bastard, motherf—er. this is a strong, vulgar insult. it’s also very commonly used.

chinga a tu madre – f–k your mother. a very strong, vulgar insult. commonly used.

chúpame – suck me

culero – a–hole

desgraciado – scumbag

estúpido – stupid

hijo de puta – son of a whore

idiota – idiot

inútil – useless

marica, maricón – homosexual, gay. it’s a strong insult.

payaso – clown, goof

pendejo – jerk

pinche idiota – f—ing idiot

puta – slut, whore

tonto – fool, idiot

vete al infierno – go to hell

vete al diablo – go to hell. literally, go to the devil.

vete a la mierda – go to hell. literally, go to sh–.

vete al carajo – go to hell

zorra – slut

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