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Have a laugh with a new Spanish joke every week. Here’s this week’s joke, provided by Don Quijote.

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One Mexican Slang Word You Need to Know

The Spanish spoken in the streets of Mexico is a far cry from the Spanish you learn in school. It’s dirty, vulgar and loaded with colorful expressions. Today I’d like to tell you about my current favorite Mexican slang word, a word I find myself fitting in to every other sentence. That word is pinche. Pinche is not a nice word. It is most similar to “damn” or “damned” or “f—ing”....

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Idioms that Use “Mano”

Quite a few idiomatic expressions use “la mano” which, as I’m sure you know, means “hand”. (Just a quick, friendly reminder that “mano” is feminine even though it ends with the letter “o”. That’s right, it’s irregular, amigo.) Now let’s look at a few expressions using “mano” that I find particularly useful or amusing. darse la mano – To shake...

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Phrases I Learned from Mexican Telenovelas

Telenovelas are Spanish soap operas. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of telenovelas (like Alborada, Contra Viento y Marea and RubĂ­) and learned a ton of Spanish in the process. On this post I’m going to share some of my favorite phrases and expressions I learned from these shows. By the way, if you’ve never seen a telenovela they are usually highly melodramatic. The main difference between a telenovela and an American...

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