Review: Barron’s Spanish Idioms

See also Amusing Spanish Idioms Once you achieve a reasonably advanced level of proficiency in Spanish, you will want to focus less on learning vocabulary and more on learning idiomatic expressions. To help you do this, you’ll probably want to purchase a good reference book of idioms. The one I use is Barron’s Spanish Idioms. The reason I like this book is that it is pocket-sized so I can travel with it, and the idiomatic...

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Jetset Spanish

Jetset Spanish Review by Kim McConnell, See also Top 5 Spanish Courses, Best Spanish Courses (Download or CD) Overview Jetset Spanish is a new Spanish course from the makers of the highly regarded Rocket Spanish that aims to take the fear out of speaking Spanish through a series of friendly, interactive downloadable lessons. The idea is that, by interacting in real-life video simulations, the student can...

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Best Spanish Courses

Updated 14 December 2015 Best Spanish Courses (Download or CD) by Gordon McConnell for Study Spanish Language See also Top 5 Spanish Courses Below is a side-by-side comparison of three of the most popular Spanish courses available online. All these Spanish courses are available for immediate download or on CD, and most cost $99 or less. Over the last few years my wife Kim and I have tested more than 20 Spanish courses with our...

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Review: Rocket Spanish

Review: Rocket Spanish by Gordon McConnell, See also Top 5 Spanish Courses, Best Spanish Courses (Download or CD) Overview Rocket Spanish is a comprehensive language course that includes interactive audio lessons, grammar lessons, hundreds of exercises, and MegaSpanish learning software. The course is appropriate for beginner and intermediate students. No prior knowledge of Spanish is required. Rocket...

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Synergy Spanish

Review by Gordon McConnell for See also Top 5 Spanish Courses, Best Spanish Courses (Download or CD) Overview Synergy Spanish is a unique course that uses something called the “80/20” rule. Perhaps you have heard of it. The rule states that in any field of human endeavor 20% of the effort brings 80% of the results. This is sometimes referred to as the Pareto Principle. It’s an interesting...

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