Slang in Argentina

Slang in Argentina

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Argentina has a unique vocabulary of slang expressions that you won’t hear in any other country, except perhaps in neighboring Uruguay.

Below is a list of some of the most common slang expressions that I have heard used by locals in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Popular Slang Expressions in Argentina

atorrante – a scumbag, a useless person, a bum. My favorite usage of this word is in the song Otra Noche en La Viruta by Otros Aires.

baboso/a – lusty, horny. For example, a man who leers lustily at a sexy woman is “baboso”.

bárbaro – great, awesome, fantastic

¡Que bárbaro!
That’s awesome!

boludo – stupid, idiot. also used somewhat affectionately among friends and buddies

chau – bye

che – hey, yo. dude, man. often used to get someone’s attention

cola – rear end, butt. similar to “culo” but less vulgar

grande – old

Es muy grande.
He’s really old.

guita – money

mina – girl, woman, babe. informal but not usually derogatory

palo verde – one million American dollars

un sarmiento – a 50 peso bill. The bill features an illustration of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento.

More Argentine Slang

The most complete and accurate list of Argentine slang I have seen so far is Pablo David Flores’ list at Oh Buenos Aires. Here’s the link: Argentine Spanish Slang Dictionary at Oh Buenos Aires

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