Mexican Slang

Mexican Slang
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Street Spanish in Mexico is rife with slang and vulgarities. If you learned Spanish in a school or university, or in another country, you might not have a clue what average, everyday, working-class Mexicans are saying to their pals in the street.

Here are some of the popular slang words and phrases you’ll hear in Mexico, plus links to additional resources where you can learn more slang.

Popular Mexican Slang Expressions

buena onda – good vibe

Juan tiene muy buena onda.
John’s a really good guy.

cabrón – jerk, bastard. it’s a strong, vulgar insult.

caer bien – to like (a person)

Me cae bien Anita. Es muy simpática.
I like Anita. I get along well with her.

culo – butt, ass

güey – dude. sounds like “way”.

¿Qué onda, güey?
What’s up, dude?

¡híjole! – wow! oh my god!

lana – money. literally means wool

mamacita – a hot woman

padre – cool, awesome

Tu madre es muy padre.
Your mom is really cool.

pendejo – jerk, idiot. also means pubic hair.

pinche – damned

Dame el pinche bolígrafo.
Give me the damn pen.

órale – right on, go for it

puta – slut, whore. this is pretty vulgar.

tipo – guy

Ese tipo tiene mucha lana.
That guy has a lot of money.

More Mexican Slang

Also, Mexico Guru has a good list of Mexican slang that includes many vulgar expressions and swears.

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