How to Type Spanish Accents

How to Type Spanish Accents on Your Computer English keyboards don’t have keys designated for Spanish accent marks and special characters. But you can still type them using unique codes or by reconfiguring your keyboard. PC The simplest way to type Spanish accents and special characters on a Windows PC is using three-digit Alt codes. Press and hold down the Alt key while typing in the numeric code. á Alt + 160 é Alt + 130 í Alt...

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Spanish Numbers

Below you will find a table of Spanish numbers and their pronunciations. In Spanish, numbers are called numeros. In Spanish, a period (.) is used instead of a comma (,) to express units of 1000. For example, in Spanish they write 120.900 instead of 120,900 to express one-hundred-twenty-thousand-nine-hundred. The reverse is true for decimals. For example, in Spanish they write 1,45 instead of 1.45 to express one-point-four-five. 0 cero...

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Spanish Alphabet

See also How Spanish Words Are Pronounced The Spanish alphabet is not that different from the English alphabet. In fact, the only single letter in the Spanish alphabet not found in the English alphabet is ñ. In Spanish the alphabet is called el alfabeto. a,A: a b,B: be c,C: ce ch,Ch: che d,D: de e,E: e f,F: efe g,G: ge h,H: hache i,I: i j,J: jota k,K: ka l,L: ele ll,Ll: elle m,M: eme n,N: ene ñ,Ñ: eñe o,O: o p,P: pe q,Q: cu r.R: ere...

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Language Study Tips

Best Tips to Make the Most Of Your Study Time!! Everyone wants to learn a second language as quickly as they can with the least effort possible. Hopefully the language study tips on this page will give you some ideas how you can study more efficiently, or maybe even more enjoyably. One point to recognize is that different people have different learning styles so use whichever of these language study tips suits your personality and...

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Why Learn Spanish

Good Reasons To Learn Spanish Do you think you want to learn Spanish but are not entirely sure if you should do it or not? Here are a number of good reasons why you should learn Spanish. A lot of people speak Spanish Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. About 400 million people speak Spanish, including nearly half of the Western Hemisphere. Spanish is spoken in more than twenty countries such as Mexico,...

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