Spanish Numbers

Below you will find a table of Spanish numbers and their pronunciations. In Spanish, numbers are called numeros.

In Spanish, a period (.) is used instead of a comma (,) to express units of 1000. For example, in Spanish they write 120.900 instead of 120,900 to express one-hundred-twenty-thousand-nine-hundred.

The reverse is true for decimals. For example, in Spanish they write 1,45 instead of 1.45 to express one-point-four-five.

0 cero seh-roh
1 uno oon-oh
2 dos dohs
3 tres trehs
4 cuatro kwah-troh
5 cinco seen-koh
6 seis sehs
7 siete see-eh-teh
8 ocho oh-choh
9 nueve nweh-veh
10 diez dee-es
11 once ohn-sey
12 doce- doh-seh
13 trece treh-seh
14 catorce kah-tor-seh
15 quince keen-seh
16 dieciseis dee-eh-see-sehs
17 diecisiete dee-eh-see-see-eh-teh
18 dieciocho dee-eh-see-oh-choh
19 diecinueve dee-eh-see-nweh-veh
20 veinte vain-teh
21 veintiuno vain-teh-oon-oh
30 treinta train-tah
40 cuarenta kwah-ren-tah
50 cincuenta seeb-kwen-tah
60 sesenta seh-sen-tah
70 setenta seh-ten-tah
80 ochenta oh-chen-tah
90 noventa noh-ven-tah
100 cien/ciento see-en/see-en-toh
101 ciento uno see-en-toh oon-oh
200 dos cientos dohs-see-en-tohs
500 quinientos kee-nee-en-tohs
700 setecientos say-tay-see-en-tohs
900 novecientos noh-veh-see-en-tohs
1000 mil meel
10.000 diez mil dee-es meel
100.000 cien mil see-en-meel
1.000.000 un millón oon mee-ohn
2.000.000 dos millones dohs-mee-ohn-es mil millones meel-mee-ohn-es


Uno is shortened to un before a masculine noun, and changes to una before a feminine noun. For example, un chico or una chica.

Sometimes the numbers 16 through 19 are written as several words. For example, dieciseis may be written as diez y seis.

Ciento is shortened to cien when it comes before a noun or mil or millón. For example, cien personas (one hundred people) or cien mil personas (one hundred thousand people).

Numbers that contain ciento agree with the noun in number and gender. For example, doscientas peronsas (two hundred people).

Un is not used before ciento or mil. However, it is used before millón. For example, un millón de dólares.

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