Spanish Alphabet

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The Spanish alphabet is not that different from the English alphabet. In fact, the only single letter in the Spanish alphabet not found in the English alphabet is ñ.

In Spanish the alphabet is called el alfabeto.

a,A: a
b,B: be
c,C: ce
ch,Ch: che
d,D: de
e,E: e
f,F: efe
g,G: ge
h,H: hache
i,I: i
j,J: jota
k,K: ka
l,L: ele
ll,Ll: elle
m,M: eme
n,N: ene
ñ,Ñ: eñe
o,O: o
p,P: pe
q,Q: cu
r.R: ere
rr: erre
s,S: ese
t,T: te
u,U: u
v,V: ve
w,W: doble ve
x,X: equis
y,Y: i griega
z,Z: zeta

Real Academia Española (RAE) is the body responsible for regulating and standardizing Spanish usage throughout the Spanish-speaking world. RAE does not currently recognize ch, ll and rr as separate letters, for example, for the purposes of indexing dictionaries. However, you will often find these letters included as part of the alphabet in Spanish books and references.

W is sometimes pronounced doble u, doble uve or uve doble instead of doble v.

The letters of the alphabet are feminine. For example, la b.

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