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Cacho’s Spanish Word Blog is part of the Study Spanish Language website. On this blog our editors, Cacho & Agata, post lessons and information related to Spanish vocabulary with a special focus on food, travel, study tips, romantic phrases, idioms, insults and slang.

Spanish Verb Chart App

We all know that apps are becoming more and more popular for language study. Now there is a cool app that helps you learn Spanish with an interactive verb conjugation chart. You can check it out here: http://www.spanishverbchart.com This app costs $3.99 It is available in the Apple’s iBookstore. You can find the link to it on SpanishVerbChart.com. If you get a chance to try this app please post your comments...

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Hardest Word to Pronounce in the Spanish Language

I’ve been speaking Spanish for years and have no trouble pronouncing 99.9% of Spanish words. I know I speak the language pretty well because native speakers have no trouble understanding me and I can communicate what I want to communicate. There is, however, one word that I’ve never even come close to mastering. In fact, when I say it, most people don’t know what the heck I’m talking about. Or, worse, they...

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New Free Trial with Rocket Spanish Course!

More good news for those of you looking for inexpensive Spanish courses. Rocket Spanish is now offering a free trial of their highly regarded course, with no obligation. That’s how confident they are that you will like it. Truth is, this course does give you a lot for your money — great value, if you decide to buy it. You can access the free trial here. Happy...

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20% Off Transparent Language Spanish – Special Coupon Code

Great news, amigos! I have a special coupon code that you can use to save 20% off of orders of $125 or more at Transparent Languages. Use TWNTYOFF at checkout. Follow this link. Expires 31 Mar 2012. I love this software but I’m afraid to say it is not compatible with Mac. Windows Vista and XP are okay. The Transparent Spanish Complete Edition is an entire comprehensive language course in one affordable package. Experience a full...

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Jetset Spanish News

Jetset Spanish Review My colleague, Kim McConnell, recently reviewed Jetset Spanish, a new video-based series of lessons for beginner Spanish students, and wrote this Jetset Spanish review. Kim is a teacher and tutor who likes to stay on top of the latest developments in Spanish instruction. What she found with Jetset Spanish, in a nutshell, is that it is a good course for beginner students who are too shy or intimidated to start...

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