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My colleague, Kim McConnell, recently reviewed Jetset Spanish, a new video-based series of lessons for beginner Spanish students, and wrote this Jetset Spanish review.

Kim is a teacher and tutor who likes to stay on top of the latest developments in Spanish instruction. What she found with Jetset Spanish, in a nutshell, is that it is a good course for beginner students who are too shy or intimidated to start speaking basic Spanish in real situations, such as in a classroom setting.

Like Kim, I have also found that some students hate making mistakes in front of other people. However mistakes are inevitable when learning a new language. In fact, you will make thousands of them!

Jetset Spanish, because it uses a video format, helps get students over the hump and gain some confidence with the new language without having to face any of the fear or embarrassment that comes with saying inaccurate or silly things.

Here is Kim’s review of Jetset Spanish.

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