Spanish Lesson – Telephone

How to Make Telephone Calls in Spanish See also Spanish Words & Phrases In this lesson you will learn how to make telephone calls in Spanish. Using the telephone in a language you are still learning can be intimidating. Why? Well you don’t have the option of using hand or facial gestures to communicate what you want to say. However, the basic phrases you need to know to make a telephone call in Spanish are not difficult. Be...

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Spanish Lesson – Time

Spanish Lesson – Time and Date See also Spanish Words & Phrases In this lesson you will learn how to tell time and express the date in Spanish. Plus you will learn the days of the week, months of the year and the four seasons. What time is it? What time is it? QuĂ© hora es? It’s one o’clock. Es la una. It’s 5:15. Son las cinco y cuarto. It’s 10:20. Son diez y veinte. It’s 2:30. Son dos y media....

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Spanish Love & Romance

Spanish Love Words and Phrases See also Sex Words, Spanish Words & Phrases Spanish is a romantic language. Almost everything sounds more romantic in Spanish than in English, don’t you think? On this page you can learn the vocabulary of love and romance. Try them out on someone special. How to Say “Sweetheart” in Spanish In English we call our loved ones “dear”, “honey” or...

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Spanish Lesson – Idioms

Amusing Spanish Idioms See also Spanish Slang, Spanish Words & Phrases An idiom is a phrase that is understood to have a meaning different from its literal meaning. For example, in English when we say “it’s raining cats and dogs” we mean it’s raining heavily, it’s a downpour. Like the cats and dogs example, idioms are fun, colorful expressions and the direct translation of an idiom from one language...

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Spanish Slang

Spanish Slang Words & Phrases See also Mexican Slang, Slang in Argentina, Spanish Insults Slang is the use of informal words and phrases that aren’t part of the formal language. This includes many swears and insults. Most Spanish courses don’t teach slang and many dictionaries don’t define slang words and expressions. Nonetheless, slang is commonly used in conversation and is a colorful and fun part of language...

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