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“an exceptional learning tool… best way to quickly master Spanish verbs”


Verbarrator ReviewVerbarrator is a Spanish language learning program designed to help you quickly master Spanish verb conjugations. Since my first Verbarrator review published in May 2009, a new version has been released which added a few minor improvements to an already excellent Spanish learning tool.

Mastering verbs is really the key to being able to communicate in Spanish and that’s why Verbarrator is so useful. That’s also why I consider it one of the most useful Spanish learning tools, right after a good Spanish-English pocket dictionary. In fact, I recommend Verbarrator to all my students (except for those who prefer to study using books instead of a computer.)

After you download Verbarrator to your computer you can use the program to practice and learn over 550 Spanish verbs in all tenses through a series of fun, customizable drills.

If you make Verbarrator part of your regular study routine it will help you learn Spanish in the shortest possible time.

Verbarrator retails for $57 at the official Verbarrator site. Both PC and Mac versions are available.

Note: Verbarrator is NOT a complete Spanish course. It is designed strictly to help you master Spanish verb conjugations. If you are looking for a complete course, see this list of the best Spanish courses.


Verbarrator was first released in May 2009. Once installed you use the program to practice and learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs in different verb tenses through a variety of fun, customizable drills.

It’s a big download with over 34,770 mp3 audio files. This includes a total of 563 verbs in 20 different tenses. The program is fully customizable so beginners can break out the 90 most common verbs as a starting point. According to its creators, the product has been over 3 years in development.

One of the things I like best about Verbarrator is its flexibility. You can easily set the program to study, for example, only irregular verbs in the preterite tense, or any combination of verb types and tenses. Also you can listen to verbs in English and Spanish, or switch to full “immersion mode”. You can practice verbs in context within phrases or on their own.

When I started learning Spanish almost ten years ago I used a simple little freeware conjugation program that helped me immensely. The program was very limited, however, and not particularly fun to use. I wish Verbarrator was around when I was learning Spanish. It would have saved me a lot of time and effort.

Comparison to Other Verb Conjugators

Verbarrator is not the only verb conjugation program available but it is the best. If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to spend $57 for Verbarrator, you might consider downloading a program called Conjumania that’s available at It’s very basic but it’s free.

Where to Download Verbarrator

The best place to download Verbarrator is from the official Verbarrator website.

Official Website


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Verbarrator Review Highlights

• Best tool for learning how to conjugate Spanish verbs.

• Good for all levels, beginner through advanced.

• Easy to use and fully customizable.

• Retails for $57.

• Available for PC and Mac.

Go to Official Verbarrator Website

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