Idioms that Use “Mano”

Quite a few idiomatic expressions use “la mano” which, as I’m sure you know, means “hand”.

(Just a quick, friendly reminder that “mano” is feminine even though it ends with the letter “o”. That’s right, it’s irregular, amigo.)

Now let’s look at a few expressions using “mano” that I find particularly useful or amusing.

darse la mano – To shake hands.

Example: Nos dieron la mano. We shook hands.

coger con las manos en la masa – Caught redhanded.

La policia lo cogiĆ³ con las manos en la masa. The police caught him redhanded.

tener mucha mano – To have a lot of power.

Example: El gubernador tiene mucha mano. The governor has a lot of power.

echarle una mano – Give a hand.

Example: Echame una mano. Give me a hand.

de segunda mano – Secondhand, used.

hecho a mano – handmade

Author: Cacho

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