The Problem with Skype Tutors

I’m a big fan of Skype tutors. I’ve used them a lot. They’re cheaper and more convenient than regular, live tutors. But there are some unique problems and challenges associated with Skype tutors that you need to be aware of if you are planning on using one. Connection problems If you’ve ever used Skype or similar voice-over-internet services you know that it’s not unusual to lose the connection from time...

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Lesson of the Week

See also Spanish Grammar On this page you’ll find a new Spanish lesson every week. It’s fun and challenging. The lesson is provided by Don Quijote. Here’s this week’s free lesson.  

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Learn Spanish with Maria Fernandez

I recently came across a Spanish course designed and administered by a teacher named Maria Fernandez. Although I haven’t tried the course, I wanted to bring it to your attention since it appears to be both user-friendly and comprehensive. Maria is an experienced teacher with over 15 years experience. You can get details of Learn Spanish with Maria Fernandez here. If you’ve tried the course, let me know how you liked...

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Skype Tutors Are Cheap and Effective

I’m a big fan of using Skype tutors to improve your Spanish. I’ve used them in the past with great success. Generally, you can expect to find a good qualified tutor for around $10 for a one hour lesson. It’s highly convenient and the price is right. Last year I found a Skype tutor on Craiglist. She was based in Buenos Aires, charged $10 per lesson, was really organized and genuinely enjoyed teaching. I’ve seen...

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