Skype Tutors Are Cheap and Effective

I’m a big fan of using Skype tutors to improve your Spanish. I’ve used them in the past with great success. Generally, you can expect to find a good qualified tutor for around $10 for a one hour lesson. It’s highly convenient and the price is right.

Last year I found a Skype tutor on Craiglist. She was based in Buenos Aires, charged $10 per lesson, was really organized and genuinely enjoyed teaching.

I’ve seen some tutors charging upwards of $30 per hour for lessons via Skype. That’s too much. If you’re paying that much, shop around. There are much better deals out there.

This week I decided to resume my Skype lessons with a new tutor as part of my never ending quest to master the Spanish language. I sampled classes with two different Skype “schools”: and

So far, both seem good. The teachers are skilled and friendly and the lesson materials seem okay.

My teacher at idiomax is a Spaniard living in Argentina. He’s an experienced teacher and very structured in his teaching approach.

My teacher at 1to1languages is based in Columbia.

I’ll provide more information on these services after I have had an opportunity to take more classes and evaluate them. In the mean time, feel free to post links to any other good, cost-effective Skype tutors you know about.

Author: Cacho

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