Top 5 Spanish Courses

Review of Popular Spanish Courses (Download or CD) by Kim McConnell for Over the past five years I’ve had the opportunity to test virtually all the top Spanish courses with my students. It’s fascinating to hear their comments and see how use of the best Spanish courses can dramatically improve their learning progress. (See results below.) All of the courses I reviewed are widely used, available...

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Get Free Trials of Popular Spanish Courses

See also Top 5 Spanish Courses Did you know that most popular Spanish courses offer free trials? In fact, if a course does not offer a free trial, I recommend not buying it. The best courses are more than happy to give you access to sample lessons and try to impress you with the quality and effectiveness of their instruction. Below is a list of popular Spanish instructional courses that offer free trials. Go ahead and try them all if...

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Learn Spanish and start living a New life!

Knowing a foreign language is not like knowing any other subject. The truth is that by learning Spanish or any other language, you are learning much more than how to communicate using a different system. Each language represents one or many cultures, depending on where it is being spoken. As regards Spanish, it is a language that has many variations, since there are many more Spanish speaking countries than you may think. You can find...

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Cheaper Alternatives to Rosetta Stone Spanish

Alternatives to Rosetta Stone Spanish by Kim McConnell for Rosetta Stone Spanish is a good, popular software course for learning Spanish. However, it is expensive. The most popular version, Rosetta Stone V3 Level 1, 2 & 3 Set with Audio Companion, retails for $549. Some online stores offer discounts on Rosetta Stone products. You can usually find the best prices on Rosetta Stone Spanish on eBay. Still,...

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Advanced Spanish App: Now You’re Fluent for iPhone, iPad

When you are at the proficient or advanced level of Spanish, it can be difficult to move to the level of fluency, or even maintain your current level, if you don’t reside in a Spanish-speaking country or have Spanish friends. I recently came across a helpful app that I downloaded to my iPhone4 to help tune-up my Spanish skills. The app is called Spanish Advanced: Now You’re Fluent. This is a pretty simple but useful app...

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