Advanced Spanish App: Now You’re Fluent for iPhone, iPad

When you are at the proficient or advanced level of Spanish, it can be difficult to move to the level of fluency, or even maintain your current level, if you don’t reside in a Spanish-speaking country or have Spanish friends. I recently came across a helpful app that I downloaded to my iPhone4 to help tune-up my Spanish skills. The app is called Spanish Advanced: Now You’re Fluent.

This is a pretty simple but useful app designed specifically for advanced Spanish students you want to improve their fluency with advanced dialogue and translations.

The purpose of the app/course is to talk you through virtually every situation of daily life so you can build the vocabulary you need to be fluent.

Each day offers a new topic, for example, caring for an infant or driving your car to work. A number of tricky sentences will be offered that you then translate into Spanish. The situations are very specific and call for specific verbs and exact words, so you can’t cheat with lazy translations.

Definitely worth checking out if you are striving for fluency.

This app is free to check out and a year of lessons costs $13.99. I like it.

Author: Cacho

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