What is the Best Complete Spanish Learning System?

I received the following email inquiring about the best Spanish courses:

“I’m looking for the best complete spanish learning system. I hope you can help me. I’m planning on moving to Mexico in a few years & want to be fluent. I’m looking for one that is well balanced w/ grammer, vocab. & the whole 9 yards. Rocket Spanish is pretty good but I feel I need a more extensive course. I really don’t want to give $650 for Rosetta Stone unless it is that much better than the others. I’v been looking @ some others,”Fluenz”, “Tell me more spanish” @ I’m sure there are others. Can you give me your opinion on these @ any others you could recommend. I have been through the “The Everything Learning Spanish Book” several times so I do have a start on my Spanish.”

Here is my reply:

“I get the best feedback on Rocket Spanish which costs $99. But if money is no object, you might want Rosetta or Fluenz. Personally, I would get Rocket then spend the extra money on the Practice Makes Perfect books, and a tutor.”

Author: Cacho

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