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50 Most Common Spanish Words

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In every language there are certain words that people use many times each day. On this page you will find a list of 50 of the most-used Spanish words. These are among the first words you will learn on your journey to mastering the Spanish language.

Of course, the most common words tend to be the easiest to learn. We hear and see these words so often that they stick in our minds through repetition.

This is not a definitive list. But hopefully it will serve as a starting point for building your Spanish vocabulary.

The words are in no particular order and the list does not include verbs.

hola – hi
gracias – thank you

yo – I
tú – you (familiar)
usted – you (formal)
él – he
ella – she
nosotros – us

aquí – here
allí – there

hoy – today
mañana – tomorrow

un/una – a
el/la – the
y – and
o – or
pero – but
en – in
de – of
por – for
con – with

sí – yes
no – no
quizás – maybe

hombre – man
mujer – woman
niño – boy
niña – girl
padre – father
madre – mother
hijo – son
hija – daughter
hermano – brother
hermana – sister
marido – husband
esposa – wife

Cultural note: In Spanish, the word esposa means wife. The plural form esposas means handcuffs.

muy – very
mucho – much
poco – little

día – day
noche – night

grande – big
pequeño – small

bueno – good
malo – bad

feliz – happy
triste – sad

ahora – now
nunca – never
siempre – always

agua – water
carro – car
ropa – clothes
nombre – name
casa – house
tienda – store
teléfono – telephone
persona – person

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