Spanish Sex Words

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Do you know how to say “sex” in Spanish? It’s el sexo. Easy, right? On this page you’ll learn more Spanish sex words that you can add to your vocabulary.

The words in this list are all found in Spanish dictionaries. These are not slang words or dirty words so don’t be afraid to use them, when appropriate.

a kiss – un beso
a hug – un abrazo
To make love – hacer el amor
to masturbate – masturbarse
to ejaculate – eyacular
oral sex – el sexo oral
anal sex – el sexo anal
orgy – una orgía
threesome – hacer un trío
breasts – los senos
vagina – la vagina
penis – el pene
pubic hair – el vello púbico
erection – una erección
semen – el sémen
sperm – los espermas
condom – un condón, un preservativo
birth control – el anticonceptivo
sexually transmitted diseases – las enfermedades sexuales
lubricant – el lubricante
vibrator – un vibrador
pregnant – embarazada
orgasm – un orgasmo
gay – gay, homosexual
lesbian – lesbiana
bisexual – bisexual

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