Clothes Words

Clothes Words

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In this lesson you will learn the Spanish words for the different items of clothing people wear. Add these words to your vocabulary.

In Spanish, clothing is called la ropa.

Verb note: Two verbs related to clothing are ponerse and llevar. For example:

Se puso una camisa blanca.
She put on a white shirt.

Lleva un traje de seda.
He’s wearing a silk suit.

Common Words

Do you know how to say all the types of clothing you are currently wearing? Here are the most commonly used Spanish words related to clothes.

el sombrero – hat
el vestido – dress
la camisa – shirt
la camiseta – T-shirt (sometimes called una playera)
el suéter – sweater
el traje – suit
la chaqueta – jacket (also called una chamarra)
los calzones – underwear (also called ropa interior)
la falda – skirt
los pantalones – pants
los jeans – jeans
el cinturón – belt
los calcetines – socks
los zapatos – shoes

More Clothing Words

If you already know the basic clothing words, here are a few more words to add to your vocabulary.

el traje de baño – swim suit
los guantes – gloves
la corbata – tie
las botas – boots
la gorra – baseball cap
la bufanda – scarf
los lentes de sol – sunglasses (also gafas or anteojos de sol)
el impermeable – rain coat
el esmóquin – tuxedo (like “smoking” as in “smoking jacket”)
los shorts – shorts
la minifalda – miniskirt

By the way, if you are not wearing any clothes you are desnudo/a, which means “naked”.

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