Spanish Newspapers

Spanish Newspapers

If you are an intermediate or advanced Spanish student, I recommend setting your homepage to one of the Spanish newspapers listed on this page. This will give you regular exposure to the Spanish language and will help keep you focused on your studies. As an added benefit you’ll learn about what’s going on in other parts of the world and expand your global view.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Buenos Aires so I usually set my homepage to It’s one of the two major newspapers in Buenos Aires. The other is La Nación. However, I find Clarín to be easier to read. It’s written in plainer language.

Several newspapers from Spain have free online websites. My favorite is Other good Spanish newspapers are and, although I am not a fan of the interstitial ads I’ve encountered on these sites.

Popular Mexican newspapers include La Crónica and La Jornada.

If you don’t like to read newspapers, another option would be to set your homepage to a Spanish portal like or

Below is a list of major Spanish newspapers online.

El Día
La Nación

El Nuevo Día
La Razón

El Día
El Mercurio

El Colombiano
EL Tiempo

Costa Rica
La Nación
La Prensa Libre

El Salvador
La Prensa

La Prensa Libre

La Prensa

El Diario
La Crónica
La Jornada

El Siglo
La Prensa

El Mundo
El País

El País

El Universal

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