Check Your Pronunciation with Rocket Record

I just received an email from Mauricio at Rocket Languages with some interesting information about a new learning tool they have developed. It’s called Rocket Record. My understanding is that Rocket Record will be included as part of the impressive Rocket Spanish Premium Plus course available June 21st. Here’s Mauricio’s email:

Have you ever wondered whether your Spanish accent sounds authentic?

Have you worried that you’ll do the wrong thing because your
Spanish comprehension isn’t quite there?

Have you been concerned that the Spanish you hear sometimes turns
into a long string of gobbledegook? That you just can’t get used to
the rhythm of spoken Spanish?

Well with Rocket Record you don’t need to worry about any of that
ever again!

With this fantastic new tool you get the chance to refine your
pronunciation until you’ve got it just right. Rocket Record lets
you listen to the way your native speaking host says a phrase and
watch as our unique voice mapping technology maps out their
pronunciation on screen. Then, and this is the clever bit, you get
to record yourself over and over again, keeping an eye on your own
personalized voice map, until you get it just right!

That’s some awesome technology!

Your voice may be different from that of the host, but the shape of
the voice map when you say the same words will be very similar.
That means that you can modify the way you pronounce words until
the shape of the voice maps match, and they’re perfect!

Rocket Record is truly a huge advance in language learning!

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Author: Cacho

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