Spanish Lesson – Saber and Conocer

Saber and Conocer

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In this Spanish grammar lesson you will learn the two Spanish verbs that mean “to know”. They are saber and conocer.


The Spanish verb saber (to know) is irregular and is conjugated as follows:

El/ella/usted sabe
Nosotros sabemos
Ellos/ellas/ustedes saben

Saber is used to indicate knowledge of facts or information, or knowledge that can be stated. For example:

¿Sabes el número de teléfono de la tienda?
Do you know the telephone number of the store?

No, pero sé la dirección.
No, but I know the address.

When followed by an infinitive (saber + infinitive), it means to know how to do something. For example:

¿Sabes tocar la guitarra?
Do you know how to play the guitar?


The Spanish verb conocer (to know) is irregular and is conjugated as follows:

Yo conozco
El/ella/usted conoce
Nosotros conocemos
Ellos/ellas/ustedes conocen

Conocer is used to indicate that you are familiar or aquainted with a person or place, or the work of a writer or artist. When used with a place, it means to have been there. For example:
¿Conoces a Ana?
Do you know Ana?

No, pero conozco a su hermana.
No, but I know her sister.

¿Conoces Guadalajara?
Have you been to Guadalajara?

¿Conoces la música de Aventura?
Are you familiar with (have you heard) the music of Aventura?

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