Spanish Dictionaries Online

Spanish Dictionaries Online
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At some point during your Spanish studies you will need to consult an online Spanish-English, English-Spanish or Spanish-Spanish dictionary. This page evaluates the best online dictionaries available to Spanish students, including dictionaries of slang and street Spanish.

SpanishDict is probably the best bidirectional (Spanish-English, English-Spanish) dictionary online. It’s certainly the easiest to use. The autofill feature makes it quick and easy to look up any word in either language. Definitions are clear and you can hear each word pronounced as an audio file. SpanishDict is an essential resource for all online Spanish students.

The WordReference Spanish dictionary contains over 120,000 words. Definitions include audio files. However, the interface is not as easy to use as that of SpanishDict. It lacks autofill and, when searching via the home page, you need to select the specific dictionary you wish to consult. WordReference also has French and Italian dictionaries.

American Heritage Spanish Dictionary
This dictionary, which contains over 70,000 Spanish words and audio pronounciations, is available on Yahoo.

Diccionario de la Lengua Española by Real Academia Española
This is considered the official dictionary of the Spanish language. It is not a bidirectional dictionary. It only contains Spanish words and Spanish definitions.

Urban Dictionary and Alternative Dictionaries
To find the definition of Spanish slang or street Spanish, try Urban Dictionary or Alternative Dictionaries.

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