Study Spanish Language & Retire Early In Style

Old world or new – learn Spanish, retire early and in style

According to recently published reviews, countries where Spanish is the primary language number 7 out of the top 10 retirement destinations for 2014. Each location is reviewed by expats (who live the life) for a number of factors that include cost of living, healthcare and lifestyle.

Now, when I think of retirement, it’s definitely not as the natural end to a working life – pensioned off, as they say – but more like a do-over, a new life, the next phase, another go, the chance to finally do what I love, be where I want to be and not have to worry about money!

After all, the word itself – re-tire-ment – literally screams “new wheels” and all you need is some get-up-and-go to see where those new wheels can take you.

Retirement conjures up different things for different people. These days it’s more likely to refer to people who have decided to quit the rat race, with many seizing this opportunity in their 40’s and younger.

One of the natural impediments to a retirement of any kind, comfortable or not, is the cost of living and as we come to redefine what retirement should mean and be, many people are looking for ways to retire earlier while their health is still good and to experience more of life while perhaps worrying less about material things and money.

No longer prepared to work the best years of their lives away in exchange for a pension that may never come, these new retirees are actively searching out places to live that offer a better lifestyle while keeping their costs low.

You can reduce your cost of living by adopting frugal ways where you are, or now that travel is so much more a part of life, why not expand your possibilities by checking out the alternatives in lots of exotic but low cost locations overseas.

Many more are choosing a foreign destination to help stretch their retirement funding – where cost of living can be as little as 1/3 or 1/4 of the cost of living in countries like the US, UK, Australia and Canada – while also providing a significantly better and fulfilling lifestyle. Most provide good quality healthcare and some even have special visa categories to attract retirees who are looking for an active and affordable lifestyle.

And when I talk about retirement funding, that can be a chunk of money you’ve set aside specifically, saved up, realized from selling up assets, renting your home, income generated through virtual working or a cheeky business idea you can implement wherever you choose to settle.

Already there are expat populations in places like Mexico that make settling in a lot easier. But speaking the Spanish language opens up many more opportunities to participate in local culture and goes a long way toward making you feel more at home. Of course local people seeing you making the effort to speak their language will encourage them to reach out and embrace you too.

Immersion will quickly improve your language skills so if you have only a little Spanish, don’t worry! A willing spirit and curiosity to learn will see you build your skills in a surprisingly short time.

To get you started I’ve included some of our language resources:

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Author: Cacho

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