You may have recently learned you have family or ancestry in a Spanish speaking country. Good news for you! Where do you start? I suggest to start with basic and household words and greetings. Here is a list of words you’re likely to encounter when studying your family tree and delving into the fascinating subject of Genealogy. Feel free to ask any questions you have about spanish language for family relationships in the comments. As always, have fun and go lightly!

¿sabe usted el nombre de la familia – Do you know the name of the family?

Mi familia provenía de esta zona – My family came from this area

mi familia vivió aquí – My family lived here

¿te acuerdas que vivió aquí – Do you remember who lived here?


The members of the family in your tree:

Abuelos – grandparents

Bisabuelo – great grandfather

Bisabuela – great grandmother

Los padres – parents

padre – father

madre – mother

Tío – uncle

Tía – aunt

Hermano – brother

Hermana – sister

Author: Cacho

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