Chorizo in Spanish

Chorizo can be purchased two ways.  As fresh sausage [salchicha fresca] or as a fermented, cured, smoked sausage [salchicha fermentado, curado, ahumado].

Fresh chorizo must be cooked before eating [debe ser cocinado antes de comer].

Like any fresh sausage it should be cooked in a pot or  baked in the oven, fried [cocinado en una olla o cocido al horno, frito] – whole or sliced [entero o rodajas].

As a street food it can be grilled or on the BBQ [a la plancha o en la barbacoa].
At a Tapas Bar, chorizo is popular served with hot spicy potatoes [Batatas Bravas].

Another popular way to have chorizo is simmered in alcohol [a fuego lento en alcohol].
This is a quick and easy Tapa to make at home.
[Esta es una Tapa rápida y fácil de hacer en su casa.]

Slice and fry chorizo.  [Rebanada y chorizo y freír.]
When done on both sides – add the alcohol.
[Cuando haya terminado en ambos lados – agregue el alcohol.]
Give the pan a big shake and stand back a little as it may light up.
Dar a la cacerola una gran sacudida y un paso atrás un poco, ya que puede encenderse.]

Fried chorizo is the beginning of many a delicious meal.
[Chorizo ​​frito es el comienzo de muchas comidas deliciosas.]

It adds flavour to the pan when making special dishes like Paella.
[Se le da sabor a la olla al hacer platos especiales como Paella.]

On a platter with cheese and olives for starters it is simply enjoyed with fresh bread.
[En un plato con queso y aceitunas es simplemente disfrutar con pan fresco.]

The chorizo ready to eat has been cured and it is sliced thinly and used in sandwiches or rolls.
This is the way it is used in bread recipes for example Pão Com Chouriço or Chorizo Bread.
[Panecillos rellenos de chorizo.]

Spanish chorizo get their distinctive smokiness and deep red colour from dried smoked red peppers.
[Chorizo ​​español llegar su ahumado distintivo y profundo color rojo de los pimientos rojos y secos y ahumados.]

Traditionally, chorizo is encased in natural casings made from intestines, a method used since Roman times.
[Tradicionalmente, el chorizo ​​está encerrado en tripa natural de los intestinos, un método utilizado desde la época romana.]

Tapas bars serve traditional chorizo and have become popular throughout the world in recent years.
[Bares de tapas sirven chorizo ​​tradicional y se han convertido en popular en todo el mundo en los últimos años.]

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