Cacho Goes Shopping

Time to go shopping for some new playeras (t-shirts). In Argentina, they call them remeras. Don’t confuse that with rameras which are prostitutes.

For example, if you walk into the local negocio (store) and tell the clerk, “busco una ramera negra” (I’m looking for a black prostitute), she will likely hace una mueca (make a face).

But you aren’t here to learn about rameras, you’re here to learn Spanish. So let’s get to phrases and vocabulary you’ll need to go shopping, starting with a little scenario in a shoe store.

In the Shoe Store

When you enter the store la dependienta (clerk) may say “¿en que puedo servirle?” (how can I help you?) Less formally, she might say “buscas algo en particular” (are you looking for something in particular?)

Now you might say “solo estoy mirando” (I’m just looking) or “sí, busco zapatos de cuero” (yes, I’m looking for leather shoes).

“¿Qué número?” She wants to know your size. The size of a shoe is el número. The size of a shirt or pants is la talla.

When you try on the shoes, they are too tight. “Son chicos” (they are small).

She brings you another pair. The fit perfectly: “me quedan bien”. You’re going to buy them. The price is listed on la etiqueta (the tag). You will pay at el cajero (the cashier).

If you later decide you don’t like them you will need to devolverlos (to return them) and pedir reembolso (ask for a refund).

Useful Expressions

  • ¿Puedo probarmela? – Can I try it on?
  • ¿Dónde están los vestidores? – Where are the fitting rooms?
  • Prefiero este modelo – I prefer this style
  • ¿Quién sigue? – Who’s next?
  • ¿Algo más? – Anything else?
  • ¿Tarjeta o efectivo? – Credit card or cash?
  • Puedo ofrecerte un descuento de 10% si pagas en efectivo – I can offer you a 10% discount if you pay in cash

Words to Know

  • ATM – la caja electrónica
  • store hours – las horas de abrir
  • cash register – la caja
  • change – el cambio
  • discount – la rebaja, el descuento
  • special offer, sale – la oferta, la promoción
  • refund – el reembolso
  • traveler’s check – el cheque de viajero
  • cash – efectivo
  • coins – las monedas
  • bills – los billetes
  • wallet – la cartera
  • purse – el bolso, la bolsa
  • pocket – el bolsillo
  • shopping cart – el carrito
  • shopping basket – la canasta, la cesta
  • article of clothing – una prenda
  • tax – el impuesto
  • self-serve – autoservicio
  • shoplifter – el mechero
  • free – gratis
  • receipt – el recibo

Verbs to Know

  • to exchange – cambiar
  • to return – devolver
  • to buy – comprar
  • to go shopping – ir de compras
  • to shop – hacer las compras
  • to try on – probarse
  • to wear – llevar
  • to put on – ponerse
  • to order – pedir
  • to choose – escoger, elegir
  • to line up – hacer cola

Author: Cacho

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