A Few Reasons Why Now is a Good Time to Learn to Speak Spanish

Thinking about learning a second language? Spanish would be an excellent choice, especially if you have friends or business partners who speak it.

The Spanish language is one of the world’s most important languages, spoken by people in many parts of the globe. It is commonly spoken and understood. More than 400 million people call Spanish their native language. Mexico, Columbia, Panama, Cuba, Spain, Chile, Uruguay — these are just a few countries where Spanish is the dominant language.

But just because many people speak the language, that is not the only good reason why you should learn Spanish.

Number one, it’s fairly easy to learn the Spanish language. English and Spanish share some vocabulary. (These shared words, like “taxi” or “opinion” are called cognates.) English speakers find the grammar easier than Slavic languages like Russian or Asian languages like Japanese or Mandarin. Pronunciation is not too hard either. Not nearly as hard as mastering Mandarin Chinese tones, for example. Think about how hard it must be for foreign language speakers to pronounce English words. Many English words look nothing like they sound. Take, for example, words like “thought” or “knight”. Spanish words are pronounced exactly as they are written. There are no tricks to cross you up and confuse you.

Spanish is a great language for travel since it’s spoken in many of the popular travel destinations like Cancun, Punta Cana, and Ibiza. The capability to speak the native language makes travel easier. Fewer misunderstandings and potential problems crop up. And you can have more interaction with local residents.

Did you know that learning Spanish will sharpen your mind? Learning any new language, including Spanish, is good mental exercise. Studies have shown that studying a new language can prevent mental aging, keeping you sharp-thinking well into your latter years of life.

Speaking a second language feels good. You will have a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Your self-confidence will rise, and for good reason.

Spanish is a key that unlocks the door to new friendships — possibly even romantic ones! You’ll meet new study partners. You’ll meet teachers and tutors. Some people become pen pals. Others practice via messaging.

Would you believe that Spanish can be monetarily lucrative for some. Maybe it will help you find a new career. Being able to speak a second language looks good on your resume and could open doors for you in a globalized economy.

Author: Cacho

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