How to Call Someone an Idiot in Spanish

What better way to start this blog than with a few good insults? The Spanish language has plenty of them. But let’s start out with a few soft, gentle, G-rated insults. You might even call them “family friendly”. These are the kind of insults you might hear on television, not the harder and perhaps more colorful variety you would encounter in a Mexican bar or the back streets of Panama. Those I’ll save for future blog posts.

idiota (idiot) is a classic insult. You might use it like this:

Ese idiota no sirve para nada. (That idiot is completely useless.)

estúpido (stupid) and tonto (fool) are also common. If you say no te hagas tonto it means “don’t play dumb”. Of course, tonto becomes tonta with an “a” on the end if you are referring to a female. The same logic applies to estúpida.

imbécil means moron. For example, ¡Que imbécil! means “what a moron!”

Know of some other good, soft insults? Go ahead and post them.

Author: Cacho

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