Spanish Sex Words

See also Love Words, Spanish Words & Phrases Do you know how to say “sex” in Spanish? It’s el sexo. Easy, right? On this page you’ll learn more Spanish sex words that you can add to your vocabulary. The words in this list are all found in Spanish dictionaries. These are not slang words or dirty words so don’t be afraid to use them, when appropriate. a kiss – un beso a hug – un abrazo To...

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Spanish Insults

Spanish Insults See also Spanish Slang, Mexican Slang, Slang in Argentina What could be more fun than insulting someone in Spanish? This list includes a variety of commonly used insults. Most are from Mexico. Some, like desgraciado, are not very strong and can even be heard in family-oriented television shows. Others, like cabrón, are much stronger and more vulgar but nonetheless commonly used. bastardo – bastard bésame el culo...

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Mexican Slang

Mexican Slang See also Slang in Argentina, Spanish Slang, Spanish Insults Street Spanish in Mexico is rife with slang and vulgarities. If you learned Spanish in a school or university, or in another country, you might not have a clue what average, everyday, working-class Mexicans are saying to their pals in the street. Here are some of the popular slang words and phrases you’ll hear in Mexico, plus links to additional resources...

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Slang in Argentina

Slang in Argentina See also Mexican Slang, Spanish Slang, Spanish Insults Argentina has a unique vocabulary of slang expressions that you won’t hear in any other country, except perhaps in neighboring Uruguay. Below is a list of some of the most common slang expressions that I have heard used by locals in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Popular Slang Expressions in Argentina atorrante – a scumbag, a useless person, a bum. My...

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Spanish Lesson – Food

Spanish Lesson – Food See also Spanish Words & Phrases This Spanish lesson is all about food la comida. Words and phrases about food tend to vary from region to region and country to country. For example, in Mexico you can go to the grocery store and buy an aguacate (avocado). However, if you ask for un aguacate in Argentina, they won’t understand you. They call avocado palta. The three meals that equate to breakfast,...

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Colors in Spanish

Colors in Spanish See also Spanish Words & Phrases In this lesson you will learn the Spanish words for different colores (colors). Cultural note: Some Spanish countries have unique words to describe a person who has a particular color of skin or hair. For example, in Argentina, people with dark hair and dark skin are called morocho if it is a male or morocha if it is a female. People with brown hair and lighter skin are called...

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