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Cacho’s Spanish Word Blog is part of the Study Spanish Language website. On this blog our editors, Cacho & Agata, post lessons and information related to Spanish vocabulary with a special focus on food, travel, study tips, romantic phrases, idioms, insults and slang.

Jetset Spanish Launches Today

The new Jetset Spanish lessons (designed by Rocket Languages) are now available. Jetset Spanish uses interactive video learning to immerse you in everyday, real-life scenarios with native Spanish speakers. Here’s a link to to the Jetset Spanish website.

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Sneak Preview of Jetset Spanish

Update 18 August 2011 – My colleague Kim McConnell has tested Jetset Spanish and just posted this Jetset Spanish review. *** Today I received an email from Mauricio at Rocket Languages letting me know about a new Spanish course they will soon be launching. The course is called Jetset Spanish. Jetset Spanish has been designed to take a lot of the fear out speaking Spanish when you still are learning the language and aren’t...

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Spanish 60-Second Grammar Workouts

The other day on the bus, I noticed a friend of mine practicing her Spanish with the aid of a little book called Spanish 60-Second Grammar Workouts, 140 Speed Tests to Boost Your Fluency. I asked her how she liked it. “It’s great,” she replied. “These little mini-quizzes help keep me sharp on things like the past tense and imperative when I don’t have much opportunity to speak Spanish.” I borrowed...

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A Spanish Word You Won’t Learn in School

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Patrick Jackson at Learning Like Crazy on the topic of “Spanish slang and informal Spanish words.” Patrick’s emails are always a pleasure to read and I usually learn something new. This particular email taught me an informal Spanish word I had never heard before, but now plan to incorporate in my vocabulary. I thought I would share it with you here. By the way, you can sign...

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What is the Best Complete Spanish Learning System?

I received the following email inquiring about the best Spanish courses: “I’m looking for the best complete spanish learning system. I hope you can help me. I’m planning on moving to Mexico in a few years & want to be fluent. I’m looking for one that is well balanced w/ grammer, vocab. & the whole 9 yards. Rocket Spanish is pretty good but I feel I need a more extensive course. I really don’t want...

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