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Cacho’s Spanish Word Blog is part of the Study Spanish Language website. On this blog our editors, Cacho & Agata, post lessons and information related to Spanish vocabulary with a special focus on food, travel, study tips, romantic phrases, idioms, insults and slang.

Spanish Dictionaries Online

Spanish Dictionaries Online See also Spanish Dictionaries (Books) At some point during your Spanish studies you will need to consult an online Spanish-English, English-Spanish or Spanish-Spanish dictionary. This page evaluates the best online dictionaries available to Spanish students, including dictionaries of slang and street Spanish. SpanishDict SpanishDict is probably the best bidirectional (Spanish-English, English-Spanish)...

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What is the Fastest Way to Learn Spanish?

Good question, amigo. Why waste time with lousy study techniques? Be smart. Study efficiently. My colleague Kim McConnell, an experienced Spanish teacher, just posted a good article with a few of her best tips on how to learn Spanish in the shortest amount of time possible. One of her tips, which I agree with whole heartedly, is that you really need to take a proactive approach to studying. Don’t be lazy. It is much better to do...

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A Few Reasons Why Now is a Good Time to Learn to Speak Spanish

Thinking about learning a second language? Spanish would be an excellent choice, especially if you have friends or business partners who speak it. The Spanish language is one of the world’s most important languages, spoken by people in many parts of the globe. It is commonly spoken and understood. More than 400 million people call Spanish their native language. Mexico, Columbia, Panama, Cuba, Spain, Chile, Uruguay — these...

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More Information on Rocket Record

I received some additional information on the new Rocket Record pronunciation tool from Mauricio at Rocket Languages. Rocket Record will be part of the Rocket Spanish Premium Plus course as of June 21st. Here’s what Mauricio has to say: Last time we spoke I told you about the brand new Rocket Record, the latest feature of Rocket Spanish Premium Plus, that lets you record and refine your pronunciation! Today we’re going to...

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Best Price on Rosetta Stone Spanish

“Where can I get the best price on Rosetta Stone Spanish?” I get this question a lot. Rosetta Stone is one of the most expensive Spanish learning tools on the market so it’s not surprising. The course retails for $479 for the complete course, levels 1 to 5. In my experience, you can find the best price on Rosetta Stone Spanish on eBay. You can buy new or used on eBay. If you want to save money you can often get a...

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