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Cacho’s Spanish Word Blog is part of the Study Spanish Language website. On this blog our editors, Cacho & Agata, post lessons and information related to Spanish vocabulary with a special focus on food, travel, study tips, romantic phrases, idioms, insults and slang.

What a great feeling to volunteer!

What a great feeling to volunteer! [¡Qué gran sensación ser voluntario] People who volunteer in a Spanish speaking town or anywhere for that matter are very special. They give their time, share their skills and in return they are rewarded in many different ways. If you are thinking to volunteer in Spain or any Spanish speaking country (more than 20 to choose) here are some examples of common words and phrases you may see when doing...

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Alzheimers: Look After Yourself – Learn a Second Language and Protect Yourself From Brain Decay

Alzheimers: Look After Yourself – Learn a Second Language and Protect Yourself From Brain Decay

There’s lots of reasons to learn a second language. For me one of the most important is that it’s a great exercise for the brain. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Iris” then you know why. Some people love crosswords or Sudoku to keep their mind alert and active, where I tend to find them a bit tedious – especially when I can’t get the answers! But did you know that studies have found that having...

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Coupon Code for Transparent Spanish Complete Edition – ends June 30

Amigos! Great news. I have an extra special coupon code from Transparent Spanish for you to save 20% off orders of $125 or more. Use NEWLANG20 at checkout. Expires June 30. I love this software, but please note that it is not compatible with Apple Mac. [I use Parallels Desktop to boot Windows inside the Mac for programs where I need that compatibility]  And of course, Windows is fine. The Transparent Spanish Complete Edition is an...

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See also Best Courses Under $100, Rocket Spanish Review Many students find learning Spanish faster and easier with the help of Spanish software. A number of good software programs can be ordered or downloaded on the Internet. Some programs are free, others offer a free trial period, and others must be purchased. Generally speaking, the better courses typically cost one or two hundred dollars or more. Let’s look at some of the...

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Spanish Forums

Spanish Forums Spanish forums and message boards are great places to get answers to any questions you might have about grammar, vocabulary or culture. Native speakers are often available to give accurate replies. They’re also great places to meet friends and study pals. There are a number of good Spanish forums and message boards on the Internet. Let’s look at a few of the most popular ones. SpanishDict Forum The forum at...

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