Best Price on Rosetta Stone Spanish

“Where can I get the best price on Rosetta Stone Spanish?” I get this question a lot. Rosetta Stone is one of the most expensive Spanish learning tools on the market so it’s not surprising. The course retails for $479 for the complete course, levels 1 to 5.

In my experience, you can find theĀ best price on Rosetta Stone Spanish on eBay.

You can buy new or used on eBay. If you want to save money you can often get a used copy pretty cheap. Be sure to check the version number though. You will probably want a current version.

Sometimes copied or pirated versions are sold. These are usually sold from sellers located in Asian countries at ridiculously low prices. Avoid them. Rosetta Stone went to a lot of effort and expense to create this excellent Spanish course and it’s not right to rip them off. Buy the authentic software from a legit seller (preferably located in your country) with plenty of sales and a great feedback rating.

If anyone knows a better, cheaper place to buy Rosetta Stone Spanish, please post it below.

Check prices on Rosetta Stone Spanish on eBay

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Author: Cacho

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